Hi! I'm Elaine and I was born and bred in London. In the 90's my parents moved us all to the motherland in the Philippines. Barely knowing how to string a sentence together, I was sat in a classroom with every child in the room staring at me and talking in the most alien language I knew at the time - Filipino. Probably one of the most daunting experiences growing up. But I got over it and learned to love the after school treats like 'Palamig' (sweet black grass jelly drink), fried fish balls, kikiam and pink ice scramble (don't ask)!



The list of things I miss eating growing up is endless! From the fresh bibingka and puto bung bong with melted butter at Christmas to freshly grilled fish and seafood after swimming with the sour mango, tomato and onion relish.



We grew up near my mother's family in the city of San Pablo, Laguna which is known for its endless supply of coconuts. Here, the coconut if the 'fruit of life'. Oil used for cooking, the husks used for coal and shining your Grandma's wooden floors ;), let's not forget fresh coconut water. I remember being given a huge young coconut with a straw from my Grandad's farm and being so excited to scoop and eat the sweet juicy meat. Another great dish from Laguna is the creamy, buttery and flaky coconut pie - lush! This can usually be found on the way out or in of San Pablo from the street side shops, used as presents for relatives and friends. If you're lucky you might be able to get whilst it's still freshly baked and warm! Check out my vlog of when we visited my old hometown.  

After turning 9 years old, we moved back to London where I grew to love more home comforts such as steak and ale pie, fish and chips and gin and tonics!  Although I miss the taste of the Philippines, I equally love experiencing new flavours from around the world, which I'm lucky enough to explore in the list of restaurants here in London. This has inspired me to experiment with the local produce to recreate Filipino dishes here. Throughout history Filipino food has developed based on external influences such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and 

American, so why not continue the fusion today.  Check out my youtube page

and discover the tasty and simple recipes foods I love to eat!    

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