Lumpiang Shanghai (spring rolls)

Everyone's favourite Filipino starter or snack. Usually the first dish to be finished at a Filipino party! Here is how to make them all to yourself and never having to worry about them running out. Great with noodle dishes or plain steamed rice, not forgetting by itself with a good dipping bowl of your favourite sweet chili sauce.


500g Lean Minced Beef

3 Carrots

3 small onions

4 spring onions

Half a bulb of garlic

3 tbsp white sugar

2 small eggs or one large

Salt and pepper

2 packets of Wrapper aka 'Spring Roll Pastry'

Oil (for deep frying)


The Bowl Mix

Finely chop the carrots, onions, garlic and spring onions. I would definitely advise using a food processor unless you enjoy chopping veg into really small pieces by hand. Into a bowl add the beef, chopped veg, sugar and 1 beaten egg, then season with salt and pepper.

(This mix tastes better when left refrigerated overnight, to allow all the ingredients to beautifully melt into one another. Not te end of the world if you don't have the time or patience).

The Wrapping

Try and remove any excess water from the mix by using a spoon, using a bit of flour can also reduce any unwanted liquids. A watery mixture can cause the wrapper to weaken and split. To make short spring rolls, prepare the sheets of wrapper by cutting them in half using kitchen scissors. For the long versions keep the wrapper as is. Carefully separate the sheets one by one withought ripping them. Keep a clean damp cloth handy to cover the sheets with, whilst they're waiting to be used. For short rolls, use a teaspoon of mix and for long rolls use 2 teaspoons, to scoop onto one end of a sheet. Shape the filling into a sausage shape and slowly roll the wrap around it, making sure that it is not loose. Seal with a touch of beaten egg. Use your finger to push both of the ends of the roll inwards to seal.


Fill a sucepan with an inch of oil and heat on medium fire. When you start to see small bubbles, fry until the wrapper is golden brown and floating to the surface.

Strain the rolls off any excess oil and serve. Enjoy!

Watch me cook these at home :)