Chicken Arroz Caldo

This dish kept me warm and cosy during the winter months. It was standard to have this whilst wearing fluffy slippers, a robe and watching TV on the sofa. This verison is more elaborate than usual because of the fried toppings, which goes a long way when married with the gentle flavours of the chicken and saffron rice. I would imagine that this recipe was derived from the Chinese porridge 'Congee' and adapted to suit the Spanish tastebuds. Could be completely inaccurate, nontheless this dish is a must!


The Porridge

1 cup of raw Gultinous rice (or Jasmin Rice)

6 Chicken thighs (skinned and halved)

3 cloves of chopped garlic

2 chopped onions

2 inch stub of ginger (grated or chopped)

Pinch of Saffron

1ltr of Chicken stock

1 tbsp of fish sauce (optional)

White Pepper

The Toppings

1 Stalk of chopped spring onion

Fried Chicken skin

Lemon wedge

Hard boiled eggs

Fried Garlic chips

In a pan fry the garlic, onion and ginger till the onions are soft, making sure not to burn the garlic. Then the pinch of saffron and stir. Add the chicken thighs and brown. Add the rice and stir to coat with all the fried goodness. Pour in the stock and stir again to make sure no bits are stuck at the bottom. Wait till it comes to a boil, stir and lower heat to medium then leave to simmer. Stir occasionally until you get the 'porridge' consistency.

Good time to boil the eggs if not yet done.

Slice the garlic into thin slices and fry in a bit of oil. Spread the garlic across the pan to avoid 'clumping'. Scoop out and strain out the oil, leave in a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

Half the chicken skin and dry out the moisture. Season with salt and carfeully place the skin, one by one into the pan with oil that the garlic was used in. Leave to fry and take out when they are nice and golden. Strain and leave aside in a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

Check if the Arroz Caldo has reached a 'porridge' consistency. Tip: Glutinous Rice will give a thicker consistency much quicker than normal Jasmin Rice. If it has gone too thick, simply add a bit of water and stir.

Once you are content with the consistency, ladle into a bowl and simply add all your toppings as you desire. Goes really well with a good squeeze of lemon juice!

Watch how I made it at home and how I couldn't put my spoon down ;)