Turon - Fried Banana Rolls

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Turon reminds me of visiting my grandma in the Philippines for afternoon tea or what we like to call 'merienda' where she would serve this amongst other authentic desserts and a basket full of sweet rambutans from her garden. *Bliss*

This is probably one of the easiest desserts to make but nonetheless still a popular one! Traditionally made with slices of jackfruit and banana as the filling and then drizzled with syrup. If you know me by now I like to adapt things slightly so hope you like my recommendations.

Ingredients - for 8 pieces

2 Bananas

8 sheets of spring roll wrapper

1/2 cup of Brown sugar (or more)

2 tsps of cinnamon powder

The Spreads (these are my fave but you can have whatever you want!)

Peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread)

Coconut jam

Toppings (optional)

Dusting of icing sugar

Crushed almonds

Carefully separate the spring roll sheets and cover with a damp kitchen towel to avoid them drying up.

In a shallow bowl or plate add the brown sugar and mix in the cinnamon. Slice the bananas lengthways down the middle, then crosswise to cut into 4. Roll the bananas in the cinammon sugar and set aside. Note: coating the bananas in sugar to bananas with the coconut jam turons might be too sweet so remember to leave a few pieces wihout sugar.

Lay a spring roll sheet flat, choose one of the spreads and smear on one of the corners of the sheets as shown below.

Place the cinnamon sugar coated banana piece on top of the spread or if using coconut jam place the plain banana piece on top.

Now time to roll and don't forget to seal the last fold with water - best to follow the pictures ;)


In a frying pan heat some oil to medium and simply place the rolls. Check every minute untill they're a nice golden colour then turn for other side's turn. When both sides are a nice tan place in a sieve to strain off any excess oil and serve! Dust with some icing sugar and crushed almonds to make it look pretty and extra crunch.

Goes well with ice cream or by itself with a cuppa!

Here's a quick stop motion vid for more visual aids - hope you like it ;)